• Pharmaceuticals

    We have worked with OSE for over five years and have been delighted with their reliable and friendly service. Many of our consignments can be sensitive and fragile which OSE handle perfectly.
  • Automotive

    We supply major automotive companies across Europe and have used a number of transport companies over the years. OSE have been the only company who never say ‘no’. We regularly have instances both locally and internationally where we needed to dispatch an urgent shipment, sometimes making the call in the middle of the night and OSE have always pulled out the stops for us.
  • Oil & Gas

    OSE are an extension of our team. One phone call and we know our consignment is sorted.
    Oil & Gas
  • Exhibitions and Project

    The majority of our deliveries are across Europe and consist of material that needs to arrive in perfect condition. OSE are flexible, enthusiastic and professional and always deliver on time
    Exhibitions and Project
  • Manufacturing

    Our consignments are time critical. Using the OSE Express Service means we know it will be there exactly as planned.