New Jenga inspired hotel to be made of shipping containers


An innovative new Jenga inspired hotel design is to be made of shipping containers than can be rearranged without ever falling over!

The building’s modular design, which is tipped as a favourite to win the Radical Innovation Awards, would allow for rooms to be traded in and out without disturbing the surrounding containers, because of its ‘hive-like’ structure.

Initially, the collection of colourful containers looks more like a game of Jenga than a hotel.

However, unlike the popular past-time, the structure is not intended to tumble over, but instead offers a flexible design for a hotel that can grow, shrink and constantly change, as each room can be slotted in and out of the intricate frame.

The Hive-Inn is designed to be made of recycled shipping containers which can then be transformed into themed branded rooms.

The modular design of the hotel would allow for rooms to be traded in and out without disturbing the surrounding containers, because of its ‘hive-like’ structure.

Although Hong Kong based architects OVA Studio said its concept could offer plenty of advertising opportunities, there are not yet plans to build the hotel.

The firm claims that its design would give fans of brands the chance to stay in a place that is totally of a company’s aesthetic.

For example, a container designed by a fashion brand might include decor echoing popular designs, while one imagined by a car company, could feature team colours and even a modified car as a piece of furniture.

As partnerships with brands begin and end, the exterior would change and the layout of the hotel evolve, grow and shrink based on demand for accommodation.

The idea behind the design is that it could also be adapted for emergency housing or medical care units, in addition to portable homes.

The designers also envision that in the future people could own containers that serve as mobile apartments or offices so that when they travel, their home could travel with them.

The winners of the Radical Innovation Awards – which recognise ‘concept deign, creativity and potential impact on the industry’ – will be announced next month at the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas.

The architects explained that the idea for their concept hotel ‘lies in the idea of maximum flexibility and mobility, a trend that is embodied in our modern way of life’.

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