New statistics released by the Department for Transport show that van traffic continues to increase


Vehicle traffic carrying light goods has increased almost 20% in the last 10 years, according to new estimates from the department for Transport on traffic levels in Great Britain.

The figures shown by the DfT that in 2013, light goods vehicles accounted for 42.6 billion vehicle miles, up 3.2% on 2012 and up 19.4% on 2003. Meanwhile, HGV traffic totalled an estimate of 15.7 billion vehicle miles, up 0.9% on 2012 but down 11.2% on 2003. The total motor vehicle traffic in 2013 came to 303 billion vehicle-miles, up by 0.4% on both 2012 and 2003.

The Department for Transport also noted in the report that while car traffic, at 240 billion miles, did not increase in 2013 or in the past ten years from 2003, the long term trend in traffic has mainly been a result of growth in car ownership.

“There may be a saturation point in car ownership in the future. However, there currently appears to still be some scope for further growth in ownership in some sections of the population,” as said by DfT

“Since the 1980s, cars have accounted for around 80% of all motor vehicle traffic and continue to be the main contributor to changes in the volume of overall motor vehicle traffic.”

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