Each consignment is at our top priority. For added peace of mind, we are also able to closely monitor European Express consignments, so that any issues that may present potential delays are dealt with in a swift, orderly manner.

The European Express service from OSE European is one of the most advanced logistics solutions we offer, utilising state-of-the-art satellite monitoring technology in our consignment vehicles.

We are perfectly situated for European consignments, with our strategically central depot in Veurne, Belgium. This is close enough to the UK while remaining connected to mainland Europe — so we can extend our reach quickly and easily. Hence, as OSE are able to access anywhere in Europe with our trademark speed and accuracy, we gain a distinct advantage over competitors, as our ever-ready fleet are placed at the hub of express excellence.

Additionally, with OSE’s European Express service, we can make provisions to organise customs documentation and clearance when importing and exporting from the EU – ensuring your delivery runs as efficiently as possible.

If you would like to learn more about how OSE European can save you valuable time while maintaining the quality of your consignment, contact our team today.