We work with a variety of key clients within the fast paced fashion and general retail sector. Our multi-modal garment handling services are designed to be both gentle and efficient, transporting delicate garments with the care and precision that’s expected, in order to replenish stocks.

The garment handling services available here at OSE European have long been depended upon by the fashion and retail sectors. We provide rapid, reliable delivery of delicate goods. Our multi-modal transport solutions are both efficient and gentle, meaning we can replenish stocks with the necessary precision and care they demand.

Over the years we have developed garment handling services that provide flexible, custom-made solutions and as we operate UK and European Express, we have practical knowledge of time critical and urgent distribution. Thus, allowing us to provide a quality service that fits each client’s needs perfectly.

OSE offers garment handling solutions throughout Europe and the UK. Our operations encompass a range of warehousing facilities, including short and long-term storage, as well as pick and pack storage. Read more about our options for UK garment handling here.

With an expert team and years of experience behind us, OSE is well-equipped to deal with every eventuality within the fashion and retail logistics sector.

To discover how OSE can help you, please call our expert team on 0191 224 6710, or email sales@oseeuro.com for more information about or garment handling services.