The Pod Father: An automated delivery system that takes just two minutes to set up with a set of straightforward steps and a member of the OSE team. From there you will be granted access to a time saving system. You can book transport requirements, at your own convenience, gliding your way through our drop down menus; perfect if you don’t have time to spare, then the collection and delivery are arranged and you can get on with your day, without interruption.

The Automated Proof of Delivery (the pod father) from OSE takes just two minutes to set up and has increasingly become known as ‘The Pod Father’ of all logistics systems. This term refers to the comprehensive and secure service that is available with all of our automated delivery options, all of which can be easily set up with the help of an OSE team member.

With this delivery option, you can book all transport requirements at your own convenience, easily navigating your way through our drop-down menus. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare then this service could be ideal for you, as it allows you to get on your day without any unnecessary interruption regarding your consignment.

Furthermore, you can take comfort in the knowledge that if you make a mistake in your automated proof of delivery plan, it can be easily amended online. Once you send the job to us, all you have to do is quickly check that the details are correct, and, if not, update them accordingly. This will then act as confirmation at our end, giving us the final go ahead to take action on your delivery. If our automated delivery plan seems like it could be a good fit for you, then you may also be interested in reading about our UK, European and international logistics solutions.

Regarding our automated delivery, following confirmation of your requirements, the process gets underway and one of our skilled drivers is assigned to your particular consignment. Once the consignment has been safely delivered, an electronicsignature is acquired from the recipient, recorded and stored securely on our portable PDA (palmtop computer). The receipt of delivery also conveniently documents the time with a date stamp, which is a useful detail for all parties concerned.

Moreover, should you require any visual evidence regarding the safe arrival of your goods, then photos can be sent to you through the PDA system.

Ultimately, The Pod Father provides you with a quick, no-hassle system, feeding up to the minute data to place you at the helm, from beginning to end our your goods’ journey.

For additional information please email, or call 0191 224 6710 to discover more about our automated proof of delivery service.