The Project Management service from OSE European provides expert assistance with the logistics of your speciality exhibition or business event. With years of experience, and a dedicated team of consignment professionals, OSE can successfully fulfil your project management requirements no matter how complicated the request.

We provide high quality project assistance to ensure your event runs efficiently and according to plan. Whether you require transportation help for musical equipment or exhibition logistics, OSE European can provide a suitable solution.

All of our consignment options are tailored to your projects specific needs, so you can be assured of the safety of your goods throughout the duration of its delivery. Additionally, OSE also offers a fully managed consultancy plan in tandem with our project transportation solutions. Accordingly, this synergy provides a comprehensive, dependable strategy that ensures your event receives the logistical support it needs to run successfully.

Ever since OSEs formation in Newcastle upon Tyne, we have consistently demonstrated our project assistance expertise to a number of major companies in the UK and Europe. Our specialist team apply their knowledge of planning, preparation and foresight to some of the most prestigious international exhibitions around the globe. An example of our project assistance work with the renowned UK academic institution, Northumbria University, can be read here.

Here at OSE we understand the challenges and difficulties that can arise when establishing large-scale events and exhibitions. This is why our team of experienced professionals will go the extra mile to ensure you receive all the project assistance you need. For instance, should you require help with setting up your goods or advice on handling, our team will be happy to assist.


Our team is your team

As part of our project assistance we can also provide you with your very own OSE team member and van. This useful service allows you instant access to transport for a number of days suitable for you. This could be for a small house move, or perhaps you simply need transport at your disposal for as long as you require. Either way, we can accommodate your requirements, quickly and easily.

Should you require any additional advice about OSEs services, please feel free to contact us here. Alternatively, you can call 0191 224 6710 to discuss our project management solutions with a member of our knowledgeable team.